Mercedes GP W02 V.2 by Excalibur & Isaint

************ Mercedes GP Petronas W02 V.2 **********

Authors: Excalibur & Isaint.


Date: 23/03/2011

Description: Excalibur & Isaint's Mercedes GP W02
             updated version with new upper rear wing
             new barge boards and new colors.


Shape: modifications by Excalibur.

Textures: Excalibur.

Lower lods: Excalibur.

Tools used: 3DSimed, ZModeler 1.07b, Photoshop CS3,
            GP4 Builder, 3DPhoto Browser + Polygon
            cruncher, Gp4 renamer, Slimtex (ZazTools)

Installation: Install cars and textures into your
              cars.wad with wadupdater or Easywad.



tyres positions with GP4Tweaker (tyrepos.ini):

FrontRight      =  0.70000, -0.23000,  1.61000
FrontLeft       = -0.70000, -0.23000,  1.61000
RearRight       =  0.70000, -0.23000, -1.65000
RearLeft        = -0.70000, -0.23000, -1.65000

Rear_light_on position with GP4Tweaker (rearlight.ini):

= 0.0000, -0.1847, -2.0385


Do not use this car as a base for your own work
without proper permission granted from us.
You do not have permission to convert it to any other
game without our permission
Do not include this in a mod , cd or update without
permission given from us.

Please email, pm or contact us about permission.

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